Checking In

We at Clementine Porcelain have been busy in the studio in 2014 but thought we should take a break, reconnect , and share some news of late.

Jesse has been very busy working on slip cast plates! He has completed a salad plate and a selection of them are currently on display at Lux Center for the Arts In Lincoln, NE . Dinner plates and platters are soon to follow.

Ocean Flower BrickTracy has also been working on a few new forms and several of her bowls are currently on display at Anderson O’Brien Fine Art in Omaha, NE. Tracy is also getting ready to travel to the NCECA clay conference in Milwaukee, WI this week where her piece “Ocean Flower Brick”¬†, pictured above, will be on display at the Katie Gringrass Gallery The gallery will host an artist reception Thursday March 20th from 5-8 pm.¬†Stop by and say hello if you happen to be in town for the conference.

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