Join us for National Clay Week when Clementine Porcelain shares

The Plate Project as an organizational model for charitable action.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017 at 3:15 EST

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Join The Plate Project workshop at Rose Hill Elementary School in Omaha, NE!


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PP plates on shelf WEBsm clemporcFor The Plate Project, Tracy and Jesse cast and bisque-fire porcelain plates and then host free workshops for local children to decorate the plates. Once decorated, the plates are glazed, fired, and then displayed in a local gallery for purchase. The idea is to create a more direct giving experience as the plate becomes a “gift” for charitable donation.

100% of all proceeds from The Plate Project sales go directly to The Backpack Program, administered by Food Bank for the Heartlands.

From Clementine: “It’s kind of like getting a tote bag when you give money to NPR, except way better than a tote bag.”

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